Loving Analog Gear compared with a digital workflow, Alex has developed a strong vision of creating a neck-breakingly powerful sound while preserving (and yet pushing forward) the identiy and individuality of every artist he works with.
While maintaining the modern aesthetic of heavily produced music, Alex is always looking for a natural feel in his work.

He is mostly involved as a producer and/or engineer in heavy rock and metal projects but is open for everything authentic – let it be pop, indie, hip hop or whatever he likes.

Bring time, good songs, comprehension, love and beer – then he‘s your man!

Listen to:
We Set The Sun, Challengers, Chrono, My Little Rockstar Dream, Jack The Suburbian, Aliens Ate My Setlist

Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Video Production, Video Post-Production, Composition, Programming, Drummer, Guitarist.


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We Set The Sun:

Aliens Ate My Setlist:

DR Customs Promo Video:

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