Jan is known to interpret music as the purest form of emotional communication. He produces artists and bands that want to sound as honest and direct as possible, yet love to let creativity go its own way. As a producer, Jan loves the unforeseen and new and allows emotional tension to be a driving force during production in order to achieve a high level of artistical expression and emotional intensity.

Listen to:
An Early Cascade, Together, INBORN!, AION, Lorraine, Defy The Laws Of Tradition, El Camino Car Crash, Like Lovers, A Tale Of Golden Keys

Production, Recording, Mixing, Composition, Coaching, Programming, Video Storyboards and Artistic Director, Sound Design, Acoustic Design, Drum Tech, Drummer, Pianist, Guitarist, Singer.

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An Early Cascade:

Jan Kerscher Portrait:

David Lemaitre / Ghost City Sessions:


INBORN! – Art Crimes // Live from INBORN! on Vimeo.

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