Ghost City Recordings offers you a dedicated accommodation floor with two six-bed rooms, one double bed room and one single bed room. Also, a fully equiped kitchen, two bathrooms and a seperate workspace for you to read, listen or work on other stuff in off times.

We have WLAN / 16000 DSL, multiple recreation areas with the usual gaming consoles and video beamer for when your team wants to relax or you need to get people out of the control room in order to focus.

In summer you can use our large and beautiful outside areas to grill, eat and relax.

Furthermore, the area of the franconian lakes offers many recreational activities. Spend off-days on the bike or take a walk to the shore of one of many lakes. Enjoy nightly solitude and silence at the brombachsee or take a walk in the woods. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong! It’ll help refresh yourself and the team and will enable you to continue great work in the studio.

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