Music is a matter of emotions.
We know this and we think and care a lot about this in order to enable you to a productive & enjoyable studio experience.
Whether you book the studio with or without engineers, record a single or a whole album doesn’t matter.

We percept every music production as an organic, living beeing.
It is very fragile and can be disturbed by the tiniest inconveniences of all kinds.

The Ghost City Recordings Studios are designed to comfort you in whatever situation you are, fitting your team into an environment that lets you do what you really come here for: focussing on music, working on your projects in a comfortable & creative place, recreate yourself & your team in our house & area.



The pricing at Ghost City Recordings is set on a per-project basis.
We don’t want to push you into a preset pricing grid. Rather, we like to sit down and talk to you about your project and work out a price that represents the amount of work that needs to be done and is fair to everybody.

Please contact us about your project to find out about your personal conditions. We’re happy to provide advice via eMail, facebook, phone call or personal visit. Don’t hesitate asking!


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