At Ghost City Recordings, we’re involved in quite a number of cool projects.
Aside from producing, recording & mixing music, we seek creative diversification in the following.

Ghost City Sessions
These are in-studio live performances of artists and bands, recorded in audio & video. Nothing new on the first glance, but actually pretty different from what you might now up to now. With the Ghost City Sessions we not only capture unique, powerful live versions of songs you already know by fresh artists. We also try to match the visual intention to the vibe of the individual song. If you want, Ghost City Sessions are right in between a usual studio live video and a proper music video. A live music video, so to speak.

For the purpose of “eyes matching the ears” we planted an actual tree in the studio for David Lemaitre‘s session, moved a 1912 buildings interior into the studio for A Tale Of Golden Keys and erected a massive wall of amplification for The Lost Ways.

We like to give specific concepts a shot too, as we did with The Lost Ways’ Session. It was completely filmed with the use of iPhones.
In the case of City of Glass (which is soon to be released) we projected their actual music video on them, while they were performing the music video’s song. Came out pretty awesome!

If you’re interested in taking part in a Ghost City Session, please give us a call. We’re always in for new ideas and partners.

Ghost City Matinées
Every now and then, a sunday coffee & cake break with friends, vinyl djs & live music would be nice we thought. So we did that! And we did it again – and again. Every two months or so, we invite a band to play a sunday afternoon concert in Studio A of Ghost City Recordings. There’s coffee, there’s cake and there’s the bands favorite vinyl playing and everbody is having a good time.

Soon, the matinées are to turn into a derivate Ghost City Session.
It’s always so good, it’s a shame to not record & film it all and share it to you.

If you’re a touring band and play music that is suitable to sunday afternoons, you can spend your tour off-days here.
Then we’ll put your free time into good use! See you there!


Alex new band plays Bonecrushing math-metal with epic spheres and electronic interludes. “With the force of sausage, kraut & beer the songs dig deep into your soul. They create a sound, which is shaped by hip-hop, black metal & german volksmusik. They keep it straight and heavy with a touch of epic space atmospheres.” as stated in their biography.
You should check them out.

Like Lovers

Every last bit of Jan’s creative energy after producing & recording goes into his band Like Lovers. He calls it “Post Songwriter Experimental Love Soundtrack” Music which already tells you a lot of how it sounds like. Very different styles mixed together, reminds of Radiohead, Björk and Jeff Buckley at times. Have a listen on their website or facebook!

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