Music production of any kind & many genres is our main focus at Ghost City Recordings. We offer experienced staff, first-class acoustics and well-thought workflow & ergonomics. Of course you can call us before action gets down. We’ll happily provide advice to find the right setting, staff and time for the production of your singles, EPs and Albums.

Our in-house staff is particularly seasoned in doing records in the genre of indie, rock, pop, hardcore / punk / metal, heavy metal and really fucking heavy metal.

Sure thing, you can rent our rooms for your project, move in with your your own staff and get your project done within the creative team you’re used to work with. Give us a call to work out your conditions & timing. Be sure to call soon enough. We’re usually booked up 3 to 6 months in advance.


When it comes to recording, we’re all with you. You can book our inhouse staff anytime to execute recording sessions under supervision of your project’s producer. Of Course, you can also book our staff “out-of-house” if you are particularly fond of one of our engineers recording skills / philsophy.

Mobile Recording
Also, we can record your project at any given place. We are blessed with a fully equipped 24-track mobile recording rig to take care of your projects in your rehearsal space, warehouse or awesome-sounding church nearby. Hit us up for the conditions!

Coaching & Workshops
From time to time we offer workshops at the Ghost City Recordings house to share and hand down knowledge to upcoming engineers & producers. This can be particularly interesting if you plan on recording your project at home and later hand it over to a professional mix.

Also, we offer personal coaching services such as vocal & band coaching or private lessons in production, recording & mixing.


What’s recorded must be mixed! We handle your mixdowns in any given format. Our studios provide you with the possibility of DAW ITB mixing with analogue summing or large-format analogue console mixdown, outboard-processed & printed to tape. You choose!
If you’re interested in handing us over your recording, please have a look at our recording guide and mix file delivery specs first!

Filming & Postproduction
Besides all the audio services, we offer videoproductions of different kinds to you. We’re particularly experienced in doing studio-live videos, means capturing a performance in audio & video in the studio. Have a look of those on youtube, Ghost City Sessions. Then of course, music videos, imaage videos, micro-documentaries, studio diaries, whatever you can think of.

Time to get your project done. We’re doing stereo music mastering & authoring of almost every genre. Give us a call for a free testmaster.


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