The capacious A Control Room features analogue workflow with highest quality signal path, fondly implemented into a working environment that seems rather homelike. It‘s the perfect place to concentrate on creative work, yet feeling comfortable and well cared for.

It is best suited for large projects where it is important to dive in and focus. Also, it provides you with a powerful set of tools to explore every corner of your creativity.

The 48 Input Soundtracs Jade Analogue Desk, Studer A80 Tape Machine, Outboards (Urei, Emprical Labs, TL Audio, SPL, TNC, Lexicon, TC, etc.), a collection of well-cared and partially vintage drumsets, an army of guitars and a 1895 ibach concert grand piano are at your hand to help you getting the sounds you envision.

In order to capture all those, the studio will provide you with high-end microphones of all types. Please head for the links in the right tab to download our complete microphone list, instrument list or equipment list of the control room.


The Studio A live room easily accommodates any usual live band setup from 1 to about 8 musicians and will acoustically adapt to your needs by flexible room treatment and gobos.

Conceptuated as a live end – dead end space, Studio A instantly gives you obvious acoustic choices when it comes to setting up your instruments in different places of the room.

Its basic acoustic setup gives you a large and live ambience around 0,6 to 0,8 s reverb, just perfect for huge, rocking drum sounds, calling for compressed room miks. Also lively vocal takes, string or wind instruments gain from this room‘s ambience.

Recording in here always means to make aesthetic decisions. These can be made at any time, for example by reducing reflection densitiy and reverb intensity either through internal acoustic flaps or the provided gobos. Anyhow, with a little hang to creative decisions, Studio A will always sound to your needs.

48 Ch Soundtracs Jade Inline Console
VCA Automation + Dynamics
Studer A80 16Track Tape Machine

48 Ch MOTU Interfacing
High Quality Outboards and Pres

Genelec 1038B
Genelec 8020
Adam P11a

Tech Specs Studio A
Microphone List
Instruments List


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