Compact and cosy, our B Control Room comes along with intelligent room design to fit everything you need in a small yet extremely versatile workspace where analogue frontends blend neatly into an ocean of plugins, multiple UAD card support and software instruments. Everything at your hands with the matter of a click.

This studio builds around your DAW, beeing our state of the art digital working environment.
There is no fixpoints in software constellations. Please get to us with your wishes and we‘ll set up the system to your very need.

Studio B is designed as an effective solution for quick and quality recordings, evading timeconsuming workarounds by comprehensive signalflow structure. It is particularly perfect to every type of music where everything needs to be modular and accessible at any time.

Please see the resources tab in order to gain information about the specific equipment and software setup of this studio.


As already mentioned, Studio B is our digital modular working environment.The recording of single musicians is what is mostly done in this live room. Yet, Studio B‘s live room is designed to accommodate up to 5 people into a live situation without getting into serious space troubles.

Also, in todays modern Metal and Pop productions, the recording of live instruments often require neutral acoustics in order to apply further treatment to the recorded material.

The Live Room of Studio B comes with exactly what you need. We designed Studio B‘s live room acoustics to care for explosive and powerful early reflections while having a very controlled reverb. Depending on additional room treatment, the reverb settles between 0,2 and 0,4 seconds, is never getting in your way of getting dry signals but gets you very fresh texture if you want to.

Despite the moderate room size, room miking is never a bad idea here.


Focusrite, Audient, SSL, TNC Pres
24 ch MOTU Interfacing
UAD DSP Support
Up to date plug-ins of all kind

Adam P33
Genelec 8020

Techspecs Studio B
Microphone List
Instruments List


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