The Name Ghost City Recordings characterizes one of the main aspects of this studio complex.
Its geographical isolation in the middle of the franconian lakes allows you to focus on your creative work rather than to be distracted by everyday life.

It features two seperate production suites, each of them beeing designed and built for specific purposes.
At the present moment we are working on a third “mix only” control room.
In the meantime, feel free to browse through our existing rooms:

Studio A Studio A comes with analogue workflow, vast space and endless acoustic and technical possibilities. A real playground for your creativity. It features an 48 Input Soundtracs Jade console, a Studer A80 16-Track tape machine and a whole bunch of high quality outboard gear. Studio B Studio B is layed out for maximum versatility and production speed. Mainly Rock, Metal but also Pop and Electronic music easily accommodate in these rooms. A large variety of preamps and software maximize your effectivity and possibilities here.
studios_nav_C Studio C is a versatile booth, connected to both control rooms A and B. It gives you the possibility to outsource amplifiers and singers. With its strong dampened sound it furthermore adds to the acoustic versatility of our studios. Studio D Studio D is our grand piano booth. The stone walls and wooden diffuser render this room very lively and bright. It is connected to both control rooms A and B.

Adding to the studios, the Ghost City Recordings building has two floors. Approx 300 sqm for the studios and 200 sqm for the accommodation of you, your artist and/or the entire creative team. We’re fully equipped with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and recreational spaces.
Please click here to check out further information on our location & accommodation.


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