produced their EP „Lima“ with Jan in 2011

„Most musicians, or most artists for that matter, operate within their strictly defined belief systems, which prohibit them to just go with their guts and do something, just because it doesn’t sit well with them and their idea of how things are supposed to be done. Jan fights those belief systems with passion and eloquence, he pushes musicians and songwriters through doors they wouldn’t dare to open themselves, into rooms that are filled with possibilities and, what’s most important, the walls are always lined with new doors to explore. Nothing is off limits, nothing is crazy or stupid, that’s what sets Jan apart from most people I’ve worked with so far.“

– Martin Albrich / Lorraine


We are Knuckle Dragger
Album “The Drone” produced by Ross Robinson, mixed by Jan

“I‘m super happy with your mix.. It‘s great that you know how to exude feeling tone and passion using mixing as an instrument – on point!”

– Ross Robinson

“Rolling up the sleeves Jan always jumps into the thick of it! Creativity, expression and the love of his craft oozes throughout his distinct work. Deadlines are met, contact is maintained, and results are exceeded – a joy, privilege and pleasure to do business with.”

– David Smith, Sapien Records Ltd (UK)


Defy The Laws Of Tradition
produced their single „Foreverest“ with Jan in 2012

„As a band we come from a straight D.I.Y. background and have never really worked with someone else behind the desk. Me and the other guys were rather skeptic if the result of such a collaboration wouldn’t cause something “too much”, knowing that Jan is just as sick-minded as we are when it comes to music. Although he’s not the typical “Metal-Guy” you would go for, unless you’re willing to explore new horizons in your craft. And soon we realized that this was not about giving up responsibility but rather having the possibility to create something unique/brilliant. Seeing someone else putting this much effort and dedication in his craft had really raised the bar for my own work as a musician and as a producer.“

– Phil T / DTLOT


El Camino Car Crash
produced their self-titled EP with Jan in 2009

As a producer, Jan Kerscher provides you with a working environment that is as familiar as it is professional. I have the feeling that oftentimes a rift is opening gradually between some producers and bands that is never really dealt with. People won‘t listen to each other and get their wires crossed which can cost you time and will fatigue the whole team throughout the process. With Jan, my personal feeling was to have an additional member to the band rather than a classic producer personality. He always addresses a band‘s wishes and points out ways to their individual perfection.

Never before i had experienced that one could print my exact vision on tape after i explained how something should sound like in my opinion. Jan pushed us a big deal forward as a band and we will continue working with him in the future.

– Dominik /ECCC


David Lemaitre
on the production of Ghost City Sessions #01

For the release campaign of my debut album “latitude” i booked Ghost City Recordings for 5 days of live recording and filming. The Band and I were in search for a spot far away from the Berlin city troubles an also for a person with whom we could work on a daring live video format. The result was the first ever Ghost City Sessions.

For those midnight sessions we planted a tree into the studio – Jan put up hundreds of little LEDs in handwork – hanging from the ceiling to take care for the right vibe. Jan’s experience in live recording while having to handle the session under time pressure was outstanding. Even more inspiring was his endless enthusiasm and his open-minded approach to our work. We experimented a lot…

The live production required permanent concentration and the 5 days were pretty intense. Though, Jan managed it very well to keep the band and the whole team together and despite the easy vibe never loosed attention and the ingenuity to evaluate and push farther our work.

The result of our time together exceeded my wildest imagination.
I would do it again – anytime!


Dirty Crows
worked with Jan on their Debut Album „Got No Chance Against Rock N Roll

Wenn man als Band die Entscheidung trifft eine CD aufzunehmen, dann geschieht dies meistens aus verschiedenen Gründen: Erstens will man sich und die Gefühle, die man in Lieder hinein transportiert, in einer gewissen Art und Weise verewigen, auf CD pressen, zeitlos machen. Zweitens möchte man die eigene Musik einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich machen und drittens damit auch den Zuhörern zeigen, wie hart man für dieses auditive Endprodukt gearbeitet hat (und man möchte auch für diese Arbeit gelobt werden)

Als wir Jan Kerscher, unseren späteren Produzenten kennen lernten, waren diese 3 Punkte Motivation genug um mit diesem jungen, kreativen und äußerst sympathischen Musiker(!) (denn in erster Linie ist Jan mit Herz und Seele Musiker, spielt Klavier, Gitarre, Schlagzeug, ist ein begnadeter Sänger,…) zusammenzuarbeiten.

Vor dieser Zusammenarbeit war Dirty Crows eine junge ungeformte Rock’n’Roll Band, die ihr Ding durchzogen, nicht lange über Songs nachdachten und 10 Lieder in einem Tag schrieben, ohne sich nur eine Sekunde Gedanken über den (musikalischen und persönlichen) Inhalt zu machen.

Die Pre-Production sollte unsere Sicht auf das eigene musikalische Schaffen schon in den ersten Stunden der Zusammenarbeit ändern: Jan entschied sich dafür, die Pre-Production in einer stillgelegenen und leer stehenden Milchfabrik zu machen, und dabei den Raum, und den Schall dieser Fabrikhalle zu nutzen um dann ferner den Sound der Band auf der Platte zu definieren. Denn die in der Halle aufgenommenen Gitarren- und Drumspuren wurden später unter die Studio-Spuren gemischt. Flaschen wurden auf den Boden geschmissen, Gitarren mit Steinen gespielt, Gitarren-Amps durch einen Klavierkörper aufgenommen, Mundharmonika- und Orgelspuren hinzugefügt, Gitarren über Bass-Amps gespielt…

Man hatte teilweise das Gefühl man würde als Band mit dem Beatles Produzenten George Martin zusammenarbeiten, der genauso wie Jan Kerscher, jede Möglichkeit ausschöpfte um etwas zu kreieren, was vorhin noch nie da war. Immer auf der Suche nach dem Unmöglichen, immer auf der Suche nach einer musikalischen Innovation… und dabei vergass Jan trotzdem das Elementare an der Musik nicht: die Gefühle.

Wie oft ist der Satz „Denkt nicht nach, spielt doch einfach“ gefallen, und wie oft ist er uns auf die Nerven gegangen, bis wir als Band verstanden, dass wir auf uns hören mussten. Denn es  ging bei dem ganzen Recording-Prozess nicht nur um die Musik sondern um den Zusammenhalt der Gruppe, um die Auseinandersetzung mit dem Gegenüber und sich selbst. Jan ist in seiner Arbeit mehr als nur Produzent: Er ist Mensch, Lehrer, Kumpel, Sozialarbeiter und Kritiker!

Jan Kerscher und sein Ghost City Recordings Studio werden es noch sehr weit bringen und eins steht fest, die nächste Platte, die werden wir wieder in Bayern aufnehmen, und wir freuen uns jetzt schon drauf!!!!


A Tale Of Golden Keys
produced their 2nd EP „1912“ with Jan

In our perception Jan‘s work is not an audio engineers work, but the work of a great mentor and supporter. In the process of recording he is always focussing on the symbiosis of the songs‘ and musicians‘ personality by leaving nothing and everything undone.

I would say, we as a band can look back on a year of immense development since the day we started working with Jan, without having been pushed in a certain direction.

We are rather in search of the key to our musical soul, and more than glad about having found a soulmate who is advancing this -our common- search.

– Hannes / A Tale Of Golden Keys


Deadbeat Hero
produced EP „Help!!!“  and EP „Evil Rock Machine“ with Jan

We came with raw songs, at ghostcity recordings they were seasoned, cooked and refined but kept their bloody aftertaste. The recording itself was like having a sleep-over at your best friend´s house for a whole week, which helped us unfolding the creativity and jauntiness we needed.

– Michael / Deadbeat Hero


Thomas Harsem
recorded Drums for the new „Still Parade“ record in Studio A

Thanks for a great session at your place! Ghost City Recordings stand out with highly competent and cooperative staff, the creative atmosphere and last but not least their fantastic sounding rooms. The upper floor with accommodation and kitchen adds further benefit to a very relaxed production surrounding. Highly recommended!


Pat Mc Cranc
producing Patrick McCranc‘s 2nd studio album

REHCSREK NAJ – sometimes signals solely seem to make sense in one way, sometimes you better think twice! And sometimes you should be ready to leave everything behind.
Besides from superb technical expertise, coming to what casually is called the producer’s pursuit, Jan Kerscher is the man. He breathes music – in and out!
So if you are desperately searching for an A1 producer being capable of bringing to life even the most unconventional and unorthodox ideas, Jan will make it happen! A tri-amped guitar-organ with suboctave bass is just one of his no-sweaters. He knows how to psych you up within every second of the recording process and beyond. You will be a better man after having captured a tune on a reel-to-reel tape machine at the Ghost City mansion – better, in every dimension of the word.
There is only one thing you should not be afraid of: Jan may know you and your musical ideas better than yourself do…

– Patrick McCranc


Lasting Traces
produced „Elements“ 10“ with Jan

Having the purpose to record two new songs that we finished a couple of weeks before, we arrived at Ghost City Recordings somewhen on Friday evening. Jan welcomed us, showed us the house and studio and made us feel comfortable immediately.

Due to the fact that I sent him a couple of pre-recordings he was able to listen to, we were absolutely excited to start recording the following day. The drums has already been done when I arrived, so we started with the guitars. When we recorded half of the first song we decided to rearrange different parts since they weren’t „catchy“ enought. In the beginning I felt kind of uncomfortable since we never did that before. Everyone who plays or have played in a band knows the satisfying feeling when you finished a song, so it was hard to give in to the changes Jan suggested. In the end all the changes and all the rearranges turned out to be the best we could do.

Jan was able to give our songs more structure and even more important to give our band a different view on ourselves and our music.

– Daniel / Lasting Traces


working on a live version mix of „capcha“

After feeling so much warmth and enthusiasm ooze over the telephone, we were more than curious about the character on the other end. Our short trip out to his plush secluded studio proved no different, this is exactly what we were greeted with. From the get go, Jan made it clear that he was dedicated to music, and was willing to take whatever efforts were necessary to have an end result we could all look back on with pride. The combination of an utmost sense of professionalism, mixed with a more than healthy sense of humor, shared also by the T-rex figurine at the helm of the main mixing desk made the experience and output exactly what we were after, and something we are definitely looking forward to again.

– Vincent / Mio Myo


Working out two singles with Alex.

Recording with Alex was very professional, structured and concentrated. He participated well in the creative process. We look back at two relaxed, creative and fun studio days and are already looking forward to the next collaboration with Alex.
– Thorsten / Echoes

Watch them Fade
Produced their debut album with Alex.

In advance of our production we gave a lot of thought to the right studio and producer. We were looking for an Engineer to both record us in the best possible way and act sort of as a band member during the production process. The challenge was not to lose our band’s identity or be pressed into a mold but to create something that would actually represent us.
After we saw some studios and met various producers to discuss the production process it quickly became apparent that from the first second forth Alex understood what we wanted and needed. Despite the tight schedule and budget Alex had a vision which from the very beginning aligned to an almost frightening extent with our wishes.
The mood in the studio was absolutely great at any time. Alex had a keen sense of when he had to tighten the reins or turn us loose. Through his creativity and overall assistance the 11 songs gained quality without losing its original statement. The work was always relaxed and all in all, Alex did an excellent job.
The ingenious studio space and existing equipment are state of the art. There are sleeping accommodations, lounges, a kitchen-living room and internet. The studio experience felt almost like vacation. Thank you Alex for the cool time, we are looking forward to album number 2.

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