Finde here some of the most common questions - comprehensively compiled for you.

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What services do you offer?

We can do almost everything for you.
Our services range from music production, recording, mixing and mastering to complete video production and post-production, sounddesign, coaching and composing. Also we‘re doing pre-production and/or composing sessions with you or your band. For example to prepare you best for your own rehearsal space recordings. Of course, we can also compose and produce ready-to-use songs to your needs, whether it is going to be a hip hop beat or a complete song for a commercial.

Further, we‘re doing a studio live format called Ghost City Sessions. Basically, it is a live performance of you or your band, recorded in the studio while having the room modified with individual session visuals. A live video with the artistic requirement of a standard music video if you want.

We‘re always in search for interesting musicians for that project.
Hit us up!

Do you do online Mixing and Mastering? Yes. We do. Contact us to get your personal offer.
How do you calculate your Prices?
Why is there no specific pricing information?

We like to adapt our prices to you as a particular client, depending on the complexity of your project and the expected amount of work.

Basically, we charge hourly rates for production, recording, mixing and composing work. Sometimes we‘ll agree to fixed fees for your particular mix project or production if this is a suitable option. We charge per diems for accommodation and we recollect our expenses for drumheads, guitar strings, sticks – stuff you‘ll be going to use for your production.

We think that this is the best and fairest option in pricing. Please don‘t hesitate to contact us with your (detailed) project information.
We‘ll be happy to prepare and discuss your individual offer.

When and how do I pay?

We charge 50% of the project fee as a booking confirmation and advance on our work. The other 50 % must be balanced out upon the last production day.

Mixing sessions must be paid 100% before the start date.
You can pay via bank transfer, cash or paypal.

What are your business hours?
How long do you work per day?

That depends mostly on the staff your working with. Some producers / engineers choose to work with the creative timing of their artists, others leave when they‘re tired and might let an assistant finish the evening‘s work.

Basically, the studio is open and alive 24 hours a day / 7 days per week. So just make sure you‘re working with the right people (i.e. people that match your personal working philosophy) and everything will be just fine.

What are your qualifications? We - l o v e - what we do.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Do you have beats?

We don‘t have beats or readymade playbacks for your rap or else project in stock but we love working on such. As we come from a rather classic recording background we always try to create beats for you by inviting musicians, tracking, sampling and so on in a more „live“ and „recorded“ setup.

But we‘re open for everything anyways – just ask!

Can we see the studio before booking our dates? Yes, of course! Please contact us via email or contact form to make an appointment.
We're happy to show you around and answer your questions.
Okay then, how can i book a studio date at Ghost City Recordings?

For general requests and/or if you have questions left, consult us via email or phone to figure out the exact needs and requirements for your project. We‘re happy to help you planning and will have all the answers for you.

In case you already know what you want, please contact the individual engineer or producer and he‘ll inform you about free dates and will take care of the studio booking and session preparations.