Renting a studio can be highly beneficial to your project not only because of great rooms and the possibility to focus on your project but also because of the availability of gear and instruments.

Here’s a rough overview over all of the stuff you will have at hand when you work at Ghost City Recordings.
Studio A
Recording System
Mac Pro 4.1 with OS 10.8 Mountain Lion
Pro Tools HD 3 80 I/0
48 Analogue Inputs
56 Analogue Outputs
Studer A 80 Mk IV 16 Track Tape Machine
Pro Tools HD10
Ableton Live 9
Soundtracs Jade 48 Inputs Recording Console w/ Dynamics & Automation
TNC Neve Style 1073 Preamp & EQ (2x)
TNC Neve Style 1084 Preamp & EQ (2x)
TL Audio 5001 Quad Valve Preamp
TL Audio 5021 Ivory 2 Dual Valve Compressor
Universal Audio LA 610 Valve Channelstrip
Universal Audio 1178 Stereo Limiting Amplifier
Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor
Korg SDD-1200 Dual Digital Delay
Lexicon MX200 Dual Reverb Processor
Lexicon MPX 100 Multi Effects Processor
TC Electronic M350 Dual Engine Effects Processor
Roland GP-16 Digital Guitar Effects Processor
Playback System
Genelec 1038 B
Genelec 8020
Neumann KH120
Behringer PM16 Personal Monitoring System
Studio B
Recording System
2015 iMac
UAD Apollo 16 Mk2
16 Analogue Inputs
16 Analogue Outputs
UAD Satellite Octo
Pro Tools 10 / 11
Cubase 6 / 7
Almost every existing UAD Plugin is licensed to this system
Soundtracs CP6800 32 Input Recording Console with different EQ modules
SSL XLogic Alpha VHD Quad Preamp
ISA 828 Octo Preamp
Focusrite Voicemaster Pro
dbx 160 XT Compressor (2x)
Playback System
Neumann KH 120
Genelec 8020
Studio E
2015 iMac
UAD Apollo Quad

UAD Apollo Twin

UAD Apollo Satellite Octo
Almost every existing UAD Plugin is licensed to this system
Pro Tools 10 / 11
Cubase 6 / 7
Playback System
Neumann KH 120
Genelec 8020
Yamaha NS 10
AKG C414 (2x)
AKG D112
AudioTechnica AT4040
AudioTechnica AT4050 (2x)
Audix i5*
Audix D4* (3x)
Audix D6*
ElectroVoice FL9
ElectroVoice RE20
Neumann M49
Neumann Gefell CMV563 & M7 Capsule
Neumann TLM 103 (2x)
Neumann KM184 (2x)
Neumann U87*
Neumann U89
Gefell UM70 (2x)
Oktava Mk012 (2x)
Oktava Mk219 (2x)
Rode NT5
Sennheiser E609
Sennheiser MD441
Sennheiser MD421 N (2x)
Sennheiser MD421 Black (2x)
Shure CS606
Shure SM57
Shure SM7 (2x)
Shure Beta91 (2x)
sE VR1 Voodo Ribbon Mik (2x)
sE 1A SMD (2x)
Yamaha Subkick

Microphones marked with a red asterisk (*) are not beeing kept in the house 24/7. Please ask about these if you want to use them in your production

Also, please adress us immediately with any other equipment-concerned wish you might have. We know a lot of people in the area and can borrow almost everything.

Mapex Deep Forest
9 Cherry Plies 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / K 22x20 / SN 14x6
Vintage Ludwig 1969 Red Sparkle Club Kit
3 Maple Plies, Reinforcements 12 / 13 / 16 / K 22x18 / SN 14x5
Gretsch Catalina Club
10 / 12 / 14 / K24 x 22 / SN 14x5
Sonor Force 2003
10 / 12 / 13 / 16 / K 22x20 / SN 14x6
DR Customs Acrylic Kit
12 / 16 / K 22x22 / SN 14x6
DR Customs Short Cauldrons Kit
12 / 16 / K 22x14
DW Satin Oil 14x5,5 Birch
Mapex Black Panther 14x7 Hammered Brass
Ludwig Supralite 14x4 Steel
Ludwig Acrolite 14x5,5 Aluminium
Sonor 10" Jungle Snare
+ tons of percussions & stick choices
Keyboard Instruments

Ibach Concert Grand, ca. 1915
Due to its age, this piano is tuned down to a = 415 Hz
Its warm sound is great for rock / pop productions.


Perzina Upright Piano
This piano has a very charming, warm sound. Great for everything!

Fender Rhodes 73 Mk1
Farfisa Charmaine Organ
Philicorda 752 Organ*
Hammond Bass Organ
Nord Piano 88
Roland Juno 6
Roland Juno 106
Fender American Standard Telecaster
Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster
Fender Jazzmaster P90
Fender Blacktop Baritone Telecaster
Johnsonn ES Style Guitar with Häusselt PUs
Agile Custom 7 String
Gibson Special Faded SG
Gibson USA Les Paul Double Cut
Vintage Epihone Guitar
Vintage Hopf Guitar
Cort Mirage M640
Gretsch Electromatic*
Santander Electric Mandola
Martin GTE16 Western Acoustic
Blazer Custumshop Western Acoustic
Simon & Patrick Luthier Western Acoustic
Ovation Acoustic Guitar
Johnsonn Dobro Lap Guitar
Johnnsonn Steel Guitar
and a couple more..
Bass Guitars
Fender Mexico Precision Bass
Fender Squier Japan Jazz Bass
Gibson Thunderbird Bass*
Hoyer Stingray Bass
Höfner Beatles Style Bass
Fender American Standard Fretless Jazz Bass
Vox AC 30 Combo
Vox AC 30 Combo
Fender Blues Jr Combo
Vintage Fender Twin Silverface Combo 1974
Roland JC 50 Combo
Peavey Studio Pro 112 Combo
Marshall JCM 900 50W Head
Mesa Dual Rectifier 100W Head*
Mesa Transatlantic Head*
Peavey 5150 100W Head*
Peaveay 6505 100W Head*
Orange PPC 4x12 Cab
Marshall JCM800 4x12 Cab
Marshall 1960 Vintage 4x12 Cab
No Name 4x12 Cab
No Name 2x12 Aluminium Speaker Cab
Ampeg SVT 450 Pro Bass Head*
Crate B80XL Bass Combo
LEM G80 Bass Head
LEM g80 Bass Cab
Ampeg 4x10 Bass Cab
Ampeg 2x10 Bass Cab
Hartke 4x12 Bass Cab
No Name 4x12 Bass Cab
Boss CS-3
Boss HM-2
Boss SD-1
Boss RC-2
Boss RV-3
Boss PS-5
Boss ODB-3
Boss Acoustic Simulator
Boss RE20 Space Echo
ProCo The Rat
Morpheus Droptune
Electro Harmonix POG
Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Electro Harmonix Pulsar
Electro Harmonix Memory Boy Deluxe
Electro Harmonix Memory Boy
Rocktron Black Cat Moan Wah
Rocktron Hush
Ibanez DE-7
Ibanez DE-7
Ibanez DE-7
Ibanez DE-7
Ibanez MF5
Ibanez CF-7
Ibanez TS-7
Ibanez TS-9
Ibanez Echo Shifter
Dumlop Cry Baby
Line 6 FM4
Line 6 DL4
Digitech Whammy
Digitech Tone Driver
Digitech Digidelay
Digitech Turbo Flange
Digitech Digiverb
Nobels TR-X
Moog MF Drive
H&K Tube Factor
Maxon Analogue Delay
Maxon Tube Screamer
Akai Head Rush Delay
Aria CH-5
MXR Phase 90
Mooer Re-Echo
Mooer Pitch Box
Mooer Shimverb
Strymon Timeline
Marshall The Guv'nor
FRQNZSTRNG Harmonic Shitmutator (Harmonic Percolator)
George Dennis Tone Wizard
Eventide Pitch Factor
and many more fun stuff....
Various Instruments
Moog Theremin
Flutes & a veriation of weird wind instruments
Alt Saxophone
Barithone Saxophone
Various Mandolins / Mandolas
Synth Guitar
Steinbach Cello
Keep in mind: this list was made on May 20 - 2015
There is a lot more fun instruments to discover at Ghost City Recordings and our inventory grows every day.
Print this list.