Rent our Studios A, B or F for your own projects 다운로드.
Bring your own crew or have us care for your engineering.
Whether you want to record music, rehearse for a tour, write for an upcoming production or film a live studio session 히어로즈 앤 제너럴스 다운로드. Ghost City Recordings can be the platform for all of this and whatever other projects you can think of.

Contact Nikita for general booking enquiries 다운로드.
Also, consider contacting us ahead of time (ca. 3-4 months) to ensure your date is free and to get a good deal!


You want to record a Single, EP or album with your band or you’re looking for a production team for an artist you manage 다운로드?

Just drop us an eMail with some core information on the project. We will then distribute your request along our in-house & associated external producers, find the best possible solution and get back to you as soon as possbile with a quote 다운로드.


We offer a lot of music services ranging from preproduction, recording, mixing and mastering as well as music production subtasks like editing, vocal tuning, programming or delivery of additional instruments like synth layers, additional guitars, percussions, choirs etc 4가지쇼 15 다운로드.

We’re doing workshops in small groups but also one-on-one lessons in production topics.
With our variety of staff and experience we can help you with almost anything in music or video 무엇을 다운로드.

Just tell us what you need – we’ll figure something out!


Ghost City Recordings Studio A Live Room is very well suited to record live performances of bands in both audio and video 다운로드. The best example would be the Ghost City Sessions where we invite artists from all around the world to record live versions of their songs 위챗 pc 다운로드.

Of course you can always produce your own sessions with us.
If you like how our sessions look – hit us up for a quote.